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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeThu Nov 08, 2007 1:20 pm

This forums is here for you, to enjoy and have fun. There are a few rules though you must abide by to remain here. If any of these are broke the appropriate action will be taken. We will try to leave the enforcement of the rules to the Mods and Super Mods but if need be the Admin will intervene, in that case there are only two people who get to decide what happens after that. I would like to avoid this but if necessary I will ban people from the site.

1. No Flamming, Bming, or in other words calling people names. This will not be tolerated, and if you become a problem this will become a ban able offence. This includes Racism, Sexism, and any other ďismĒ I could think of.

2. Do not disrespect the other members and/or Mods. If a mod says something and you donít agree PM or Email deathsreign ( dragonslayer353@yahoo.com) or slayer (halogunner656@yahoo.com). The super mods will be added to this list as they are added.

3. NO Spamming. There is a section for that in the forums all spam is to be directed there. We will move topics and discussions as seen fit, this also means something can move from spam to general, but this is very unlikely. Spamming will get you banned if you are found trouble some to the forums.

4. NO advertising, that means getting on here and posting your website 300 times around the forums. This will be handled as seen fit. If you believe it to be advertisement report it.

5. NO Pornographic pictures or links are to be posted. The required age limit to join is 13 so unless other wise stated by slayer or myself, there will be NO exceptions.

6. No double posting, (meaning posting before some one gets a chance to reply). You can edit your previous post.

7. Keep your topics in the right sections of the forum, I donít want to see a discussion on the PS3 under support..

(Additional Rules)

8. Do NOT get off topic this is for serious discussions, try and maintain the topic you started with. I do however understand that some topics evolve and to discuss something fully you must diverge a little bit.

If any rules are broken please report the post.

These rules are subject to change at anytime. Further more these rules are not all inclusive and do not exclude what we may see as trouble some. Therefore if we see you as a threat to individuals, or the community as a whole we can and will take action.

Be sure to read the rules under the Serious section, they will include some extras, and also in the spam I have removed a few rules.

Thank you:
Deathsreign and Slayer
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